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Online Readings and Tarot Tutorials to gain clarity, explore choices and chart pathways for the future.

“I had a great tarot card reading with Monika.  I had a better understanding and direction post the session. The messages resonated well and I found it most insightful.” Varn V.

I feel Monika has the ability for intuitive guidance; the readings were insightful and helpful; each were at pivotal times for me and in retrospect they helped with some big decsions.” Nicola O.

Golden Goose Tarot Deck

Based on the traditional Tarot structure, this deck features beautiful artwork and includes a booklet with instructions and descriptions of the 78 cards. Conceived and written by Monika Evans (and assisted by guiding geese) the deck can be used by beginners and experienced readers alike. The boxed set was printed in Italy on high quality paper and can be ordered for 35 Euros plus shipping by emailing

My Journey with the Tarot

My love affair with the Tarot and Oracle cards started 12 years ago while living in Vancouver. The amazing Denise Sweeney from the Tarot Room gave me my first break by letting me use her magical space on Granville Island to start doing readings for my very first clients. Returning to Europe in 2012 I settled in the village of Deia on the island of Mallorca. Surrounded by mountains and the sea, I couldn´t have imagined a better backdrop for my work which has expanded to incorporate retreats in addition to working with my local and international clients. In 2021 I realized a long cherished dream of curating my own set of Tarot cards called The Golden Goose Tarot. My fascination with cards as a medium for illuminating opportunities and surmounting life´s challenges continues to this day. The phenomenal growth in popularity of Tarot as an art form and of card readings in general is a testimony to the benefit and value they provide especially in times of great change for us individually and as a collective.

Book a Reading or Tutorial

Readings and Tutorials are available online or in person if you find yourself on the island of Mallorca.

30 min - 40 Euros*

45 min - 60 Euros

60 min - 80 Euros

* only available in person

To book a reading/tutorial or to order a Golden Goose Tarot deck please contact me at

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